Preparing students to enter the workforce is a team effort; one that requires careful planning and open communication.

These career readiness resources are designed to help facilitate productive parent/student conversations and empower high school students to explore their career options as they prepare to take the next step in their lives.

Family Discussion Starters

Parents play a key role in preparing high school students to make the transition to the postsecondary world. Our Family Discussion Starters serve as a step-by-step guide intended to foster open dialogue between parents and students regarding career exploration.

I Love My Job

Using this conversation starter, students and parents will discuss what students would do if money were not important. Once the student has identified three activities they genuinely love, families will use the Internet to research occupations related to those activities, and then discuss the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in those professions. Parents will be encouraged to help the student identify someone currently in the field and request a personal interview or job shadow day.

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Funding The Future

Most careers require additional education or training beyond high school, and it is important for families to discuss how they will finance this education well before it is time for college or trade school. Utilizing this conversation starter, families will discuss financing options such as savings accounts, scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and student loans. Using various resources, families will research and discuss the requirements for receiving financial aid and also how to request it.

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Interests Inventory

To begin the conversation about future careers possibilities, students and parents will complete a PMI (Plus-Minus-Interesting) Chart, which will help students identify their abilities, interests, knowledge, skills and values. Once the PMI chart is completed, students will have a list of characteristics of compatible occupations in their Plus column. Parents and students will then work together to research these jobs and discuss the skills, knowledge, and training necessary for that particular occupation.

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